How to Locate your System Details

Identifying your Browser

The program you use to access web pages is called the browser.Along the top of the browser window are buttons named File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools and Help. Click on " Help" and then "About Internet Explorer." This will bring up a box with details about your browser.

Newer browsers may have a row of icons which start with a house icon (home) and end with a Question Mark in a circle(Help).


Identifying your Operating System

Locate the Start Menu at the bottom left of the screen. You may be able to identify your operating system in one step, depending on how the menu is set up.

Note: The exact working may be different, but "Windows XP" is the important words to remember in these cases.

If there is no bar to the left, then choose "Settings" then , "Control Panel", then "System and Maintenance", then "System." (If you do no see "System and Maintenance" listed, just choose "System.") This will open a window which tells the operating system details.