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This release prepared by the Office of Public Relations and Marketing.
Rebecca Eidson, Director, 646-1507,
Lisa Garrett, Public Relations Associate, 646-1506,

College Initiates WorkReady Program

(By Lisa Garrett)

PENDLETON --- Area employers now will be able to meet their immediate workforce training needs through WorkReady, a customized pre-hire training program.   

The WorkReady program is made possible through a $400,000 grant from WorkLink (formerly the Pendleton District Workforce Investment Board) to Tri-County Technical College’s World Class Training Center.   WorkLink funds come through the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), a federal program that provides funds for job training, usually earmarked for the economically disadvantaged or for dislocated workers from plant closures and layoffs.

          The Center will develop and conduct customized pre-hire training for WIA -eligible participants.  “Training will focus on industry-specific knowledge so that workers can be productive and effective their first day on the job,” said John Benson, director of the World Class Training Center.  The grant will fund 50 or 75 percent of training, depending on the company’s number of employees, he said.

The WorkReady program is for all employers, stressed Benson.  This includes the healthcare, retail, service, hospitality, banking and other employment sectors industries, in addition to manufacturing companies in the tri-county area.

The first step for interested employers is to contact Benson to schedule a meeting to discuss the details and agree to the partnership.  The employer will determine the subject matter so each class will be unique, Benson said.

Next, World Class Training Center staff will conduct WorkKeys job profiles of positions for which an employer is hiring and design a course to meet the specific training needs of the employer.

At the same time, Intensive Services Case Managers located in the local OneStop offices will determine WIA candidates who meet the basic, entry-level requirements established by the employer for the job and recommend those who qualify for interviews with the company. 

Once the employer has interviewed and selected the participants, World Class Training Center staff will conduct the customized course.   Upon successful completion of the WorkReady program, participants will be recommended to the company for employment.

“The key is that the company will commit up front to hire those who successfully complete the training,” said Benson.  “WorkReady is a program that matches the employers’ needs with qualified and skilled workers.”

For more information, contact John Benson at 646-1717 or by e-mail at


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