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$100,000 Grant from AdvanceSC Will Purchase Equipment for Tri-County’s QuickJobs Training Centers


(By Lisa Garrett)
PENDLETON --- A $100,000 grant from AdvanceSC will allow Tri-County Technical College to purchase equipment necessary to teach basic skills training classes at its QuickJobs Training Centers in Oconee and Pickens counties, and at the Watkins Center in Honea Path.

Oconee and Pickens counties received $986,364 each from the State Department of Commerce last year to build QuickJobs Development Centers to assist in workforce training and skills development. A completion date for the Oconee QuickJobs Center, located at the Hamilton Career Center, is April 1.  The 4,600 square-foot-building has two classrooms and a large space for labs (welding and electrical classes). The Easley Quick Jobs Center is currently under construction.

The AdvanceSC grant will purchase equipment for HVAC and mechatronics classes, in addition to electrical wiring, plumbing, construction, residential inspector, and general contractor.

TTI in Anderson has donated drills, saws, grinders and other equipment needed for these classes.

The Corporate and Community Education (CCE) Division already has seven classes scheduled for opening month.  Most of them are Certified Production Technician – MSSC training, said Rick Cothran, dean of the Corporate and Community Education Division.  A pre-employment training class for an organization in Oconee County is also lined up, as are Workplace Skills classes.  Other classes to follow include industrial/maintenance, truck driving, construction, computer, and health care. 

“Companies no longer have the luxury of on-the-job training programs,” said Cothran.  “They expect employees to arrive on the job with entry-level skills.  But S.C. employers are facing significant difficulties in matching required skill sets with their workforce needs.  Our economic development and economic growth will be impacted by these QuickJobs Centers because we can quickly train large numbers of employees or potential employees on short notice, and give industry a good pool of applicants for the hiring process,” said Cothran.