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Tri-County Breaks Enrollment Record For Third Time This Academic Year


(By Lisa Garrett)

PENDLETON --- For the third time this academic year, Tri-County Technical College has broken an enrollment record.  Preliminary figures show 3,147 students registered for both sessions of summer school, a 17.8 percent increase over last year. 
This is the College’s largest-ever summer enrollment.  Tri-County enrolled a record-breaking 5,730 students for fall 2008 semester, the largest enrollment in the history of the College.  Officials reported 5,388 students this past spring, also a record.

The number of students enrolled this summer totals more than half of the fall 2008 enrollment.  
“The general population sees Tri-County as a great value, especially in these uncertain economic times,” said Amanda Blanton, dean of Enrollment Management at the College.
The largest summer enrollments are in the Health Education and the Arts and Sciences and Divisions.  Transient students (defined as students who are enrolled at another college or university but taking a summer course at Tri-County) are a significant component of Tri-County’s summer enrollment.
Many are taking university transfer courses this summer at Tri-County at a fraction of the cost of a four-year college or university.  Tri-County’s tuition currently for summer is $126 per credit hour. 
“We are attracting more traditional students, who are recent high school graduates or between the ages of 18 and 24, who attend classes during the day and are full-time students,” said Blanton.
She says the College has been revving up recruitment activities.  “Enrollment Management is becoming more systematic in its recruiting.  We are making deliberate visits to high schools, career centers, adult education facilities and community events.  The College held four open houses this spring and established a tour program on Fridays.  We are more visible and accessible to our community,” she said. 
She added that staff is focusing on following up with students to help with the enrollment process.  “The Admissions staff is developing contact strategy reports to see where the students who have applied to the College are in the admissions process. We’ve revamped our orientation and advising sessions so students can attend interactive, small-group orientation sessions, see an advisor, register for classes and have a schedule in hand in under two hours.  We’ve fine-tuned the enrollment process and made it more convenient and efficient for students.” 
Tri-County is the second fastest-growing College in the state’s system of 16 technical colleges.  In the last decade, Tri-County has experienced a cumulative growth rate of 58.6% and is the fifth largest College in the System.
Fall semester begins August 24.  Prospective students should apply for admission and financial aid by July 15 to ensure a smooth enrollment in August. 
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