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Graduation in Sight for Jody Lloyd-Aulbach, Thanks to Student Support Services Tutoring


(By Lisa Garrett)

PENDLETON ---  If it hadn’t been for that math class back in 1991, Jody Lloyd-Aulbach says she probably would have continued her Business Management classes at Tri-County Technical College and finished her degree.  “I was lost in that class,” remembers Aulbach.  “I needed help, but I didn’t know what to do.  I wasn’t aware of the tutoring services available through TRiO’s Student Support Services (SSS).” 

Jody Lloyd-AulbachDespite having a lot on her plate -- she was a single parent, raising two kids and working full time as a manager of a government subsidized housing project in Pendleton, Lloyd-Aubach says, “If I had known about SSS tutoring, I wouldn’t have dropped out.”

          These days the 53-year-old Easley resident still has a hectic schedule. She has remarried, works part time with the City of Clemson’s Public Works Department and is back in the classroom finishing up her Business Management studies in the afternoons and evenings.  

“I won’t let math stop me this time, “she said.  “And the answer is SSS.”

Since 1978 --  with a 30-year anniversary in sight -- Tri-County’s Student Support Services (SSS) has been increasing the college retention and graduation rate of its participants and helping students make the transition from one level of higher education to the next.  More than 150 participants receive a myriad of services including tutoring, counseling and supplemental instruction at the College through SSS.

Over the years Lloyd-Aulbach continued her studies at Tri-County on and off, but she is back in the classroom ready to complete the six classes needed for the degree.

“I realize that in order to move up the ladder in the workforce, I must have that college degree.”

She eased back into her studies in 2006, and one day just happened to see a sign for tutoring and stopped by the TRiO office to inquire.  She filled out the application and later got her acceptance letter.  She says she takes advantage of all of the SSS services.  “The staff is here for me.  They listen to my problems and they help me to find solutions.  That is extremely important to me.  Being an evening student, I only have a little time on campus.  Herm Allen, SSS tutor coordinator, and Cindy Trimmier-Lee, SSS coordinator, offer a wealth of information on the spot.  They challenge me to be a better person and to continue my education.”

“If there is one word to describe Jody, it would be determined,” said Allen.  “She doesn’t hesitate to ask for help.  She has her sights set on her goals and takes advantage of the available resources.  She is always cordial and respectful, and she is motivated and determined.  It’s very easy to help Jody.  I have no doubt she will reach her goals.”

Lloyd-Aulbach is taking two classes this semester – an online Management class and a Developmental Math class.  “Word of mouth is the best form of advertisement, and if I hear students talking about academic struggles, I point them in the direction of SSS.  It’s a service that works, and I’m thankful for it.”

SSS awarded Lloyd-Aulbach a book voucher that helped her to purchase a math book.  Because she is taking two or more classes, she also qualified for lottery funding (up to $912 per semester) for tuition and fees and was awarded a $1,000 Abney scholarship through the College’s Foundation.  “These scholarships allow me to continue in school.  Although I’ll complete my degree soon, I know I’ll continue to be a lifelong learner,”