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Galen DeHay is Governorís Professor of the Year for Two-Year Colleges


(By Lisa Garrett)

PENDLETON --- Galen DeHayís insightful leadership and commitment to excellence distinguish him as an educator with a dedication to his profession and a desire for Tri-County Technical College to gain role-model status among two-year colleges.
Galen DehayDeHay, who leads the College’s Science Department, was named the Governor’s Professor of the Year (2007) for two-year institutions.  He received this award at a November 1 press conference in Columbia.

“Galen represents everything the Governor’s Award stands for,” said Tri-County Technical College President Ronnie L. Booth.  “I continually find Galen ready to take on a challenge. When doing so, he has the essential quality of a leader – of being able to see the whole picture while ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed.  He is a major player in the progress we are making in becoming a ‘Learning College,’ one that is focused on our students’ learning and success.”

“Galen genuinely cares about our students - our purpose,” said English Department Head Robin McFall.  “He takes a personal interest in students, not just their academics.  In all of his dealings with people, he never exhibits anything but professional and compassionate behavior to students, faculty and visitors. He is thorough, insightful and meticulous.  If he is faced with a task, whether it is related to his classes, his advisees, or the college-wide committees, the task will be done well.  His service to the Arts and Sciences Division as a whole is more than quality -- it is pure excellence.” 

 DeHay joined the College in 1999 as a Biology instructor, and in the last year, his responsibilities have expanded beyond the classroom.  Last semester DeHay took a sabbatical from teaching to focus on the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) and the Learning Excellence Initiative (LEI), two new SACS-related initiatives for the College. 

He was chosen by the administration to lead the QEP Design Team Effort, which was responsible for creating and organizing the College’s QEP process for reaccreditation.  The QEP is a requirement of SACS for how the College improves student learning.  DeHay also serves as the (LEI) Director.  The LEI is the College’s QEP plan  -- its action plan. The LEI is a unique concept that is designed to give students the skills to be successful their first year in college. The LEI is a three-pronged attempt to improve student learning through Smart Start (a super orientation), Learning Communities (comprised of the same group of students taking the same classes), and the Freshman Seminar (an academic course that gives these students the tools to become successful in college). 

Committee member Diana Walter says, “Galen’s leadership and passion for our QEP (or LEI ) have contributed significantly to the design and launch of one of Tri-County’s most ambitious programs to enhance the learning and success potential of first-time college students.  The faculty enthusiasm for the LEI is directly attributable to Galen’s work and his positive reputation among faculty peers.  He is energized by teaching and by new opportunities, but he’s also a true faculty leader – one who leads by example.”

He also worked with Susan Whorton, director of the Bridge to Clemson program, on student success initiatives designed to enhance the academic performance of Bridge students.  Bridge to Clemson is an invitation-only program blends the traditional academic experience at Tri-County with the social and cultural experiences of being a Clemson University student.

“The success resulting from this new partnership can largely be attributed to the vision, dedication and collaborative spirit of Tri-County faculty and advisors, such as Galen.  He is collegial, action- and results-oriented and keeps students’ success foremost in his teaching and practice,” said Whorton. 

“I am grateful for Galen’s support and his willingness to cross institional boundaries in an effort to maximize Bridge students’ opportunities for success and learning in the sciences, which, in turn, will positively contribute to their goal of attending Clemson University in the future,” said Whorton.

In his previous role as Coordinator of Science Instruction, DeHay collaborated with the Clemson University Academic Success Center to pilot a Supplemental Instruction (SI) program designed to enhance student success in historically difficult and high-risk, first-year courses.  

“Galen’s leadership was instrumental in achieving faculty buy in, participation and support of the program.  SI in Chemistry was piloted in 2006 – 07, and thanks to his support and leadership, the 2007 – 08 program will be expanded to include biology as well,” Whorton said.

“It is a pleasure to partner with Galen because in all he does, students’ best interests and learning are always at the forefront,” said Whorton.

Students also applaud DeHay’s passion for teaching.  His end-of-course evaluations are consistently high, with the vast majority of students giving him the highest possible rating in each category.  “Mr. DeHay’s strengths are his obvious passion for what he teaches, the ability to keep our attention and the willingness to aid in learning,” wrote one student.

DeHay is the 2007 recipient of Tri-County’s Presidential Medallion for Instructional Excellence, the highest award presented to faculty at Tri-County.  The Central resident holds a B.S. in Biological Sciences and an M.S. in Zoology from Clemson University.  Prior to joining Tri-County’s faculty, he was a teaching assistant for anatomy and physiology at Clemson.