Target Dates to Enroll by…
The payment plan enrollment dates do not define tuition deadlines. Refer to the Student online bill for tuition deadlines or the enrollment deadlines calendar for the Term. Information is available by logging onto eTC.




Payment Payment Plan Enrollment Begins November 1, 2014               

Enroll by

Required Down Payment*

Payment Schedule

January 1


Jan - April

After January 1 Down Payment Required Feb - April

Note: All down payments are processed immediately.

You will risk losing your schedule if payment arrangements are not made by January 7, 6:30 pm. After January 7, payment for additional credit hours added to schedules must be paid by the close of business on January 13, 6:30 pm..

Payment Plan Availability
Availability of the payment plan is determined by Tri-County Technical College. Please be aware the college may elect not to have the payment plan available during specific times and dates during registration.

Balance Adjustment
Payment Plan balances are adjusted automatically when financial aid is awarded or courses are dropped from or added to your schedule. You should review your agreement balance online through your eTC account or call the Tri-County Technical College Business Office at 864-646-1802 to review any change to agreement balances.